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YPSILON® is an exclusive product, created and patented by GRADILIS, which fully meets the challenges of modern fruit production.

This innovation is in line with our vision of Future Orchards by providing a solution adapted to orchard management in 2D or narrow orchards.

By taking advantage of our expertise in Table Grafting, we have created a unique technique for shaping rootstock in YPSILON® on which we implant two grafts.

The double-axis branched tree is obtained after one year of growing in the nursery..

In combination with the innovative rootstocks of the Geneva® serie and our resistant varieties, we provide growers with a high performance product to improve orchard productivity and efficiency.

The strengths of our innovation

YPSILON® is the ideal tool for the conception of a orchard 2D.

The YPSILON® tree pre-formed in the nursery allows the rapid installation of a narrow fruit hedge.

The distribution of vigour on both axes generates more open branches making management easier.

YPSILON® managed in 2D orchards makes pruning easier, the instructions to the cutters are simplified and a partial or total mechanical pruning is possible.

YPSILON®, by the presence of two axes, brings a higher productivity to the classical axis.

Trials carried out by the CTIFL and the Morinière station on the double axis theme show that entry into production is faster and yields in the adult orchard are higher.

YPSILON® in 2D orchards makes it easier to access the fruit improving as well as the productivity of harvesting or manual thinning.

YPSILON® and the narrow orchard drive make it possible to use tools for mechanisation and robotisation.

New innovative tools such as the Eclairvale® for mechanical thinning or the leaf strippers for fruit colouring are revolutionising fruit production. These tools require adapted narrow orchards for maximum efficiency. YPSILON® and the 2D orchard are the perfect allies of these tools to meet the challenges of labour reduction.

In the very near future, robotics will revolutionize our orchards. Robotic harvesting is on the verge of becoming a reality, so let’s adapt our orchards now!

YPSILON® improving the speed of entry into production, productivity while limiting labour costs, is a powerful lever that accelerates the return on investment.

The projections of Cash Flow generated on the life of a YPSILON® orchard managed in a 2D orchard are much higher than the results obtained in axis orchards.

YPSILON® combined with our varietal creations on a resistant rootstock are THE solution from GRADILIS for a production that generates profitability.

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