Leader in Bench Grafting

Gradilis Nursery is n°2 of the French nurserymen in number of trees produced and leader in the production of 1 year old bench grafted.

The choice of bench grafting is strategic. It allows our customers to reduce the time between the order and the sale of the trees: grafting is done in February, planting in March, the branched trees are harvested in December.
The ideal vegetation conditions conferred by the deep soils of the Plain of the Etang de l’Or, at the gateway to Montpellier (2 kilometres from the Mediterranean Sea) make it possible to obtain in a few months a very high quality scion, homogenous, well-branched, meeting the highest standards.

The recruitment of Thibault Vasseur, specialist of the ornamental nursery, made it possible to push the technical framework very far and to still raise the qualitative standards.

Today, annual production amounts to 1.2 million trees with 5 main apple varieties and 3 species.

GRADILIS Nursery this is…

Upstream of the work in nurseries, the bench grafting is carried out.

After harvesting, the work in station allows to complete the qualitative level and the homogeneity of the delivered product. Thanks to a calibration chain by aerial conveyance, sorting is carried out with perfect visibility of the trees and a high rate.