GRADILIS this is…

GRADILIS Group owns the following subsidiaries: GRADILIS Nuseries SAS, GRADILIS Research SARL, GRADILIS Production SAS, GRADILIS Horse Breeding SCEA as well as the sales offices in Spain (GRADILIS Iberia SARL) and Morocco (GRADILIS Maroc SL).

Olivier Grard, CEO, and Alexandre Grard, Deputy CEO and Manager of Gradilis Production, together build the development of the group, of which they are equal owners.


Headed by François Chevalier, this subsidiary’s mission is to create multi-resistant varieties.

Scab resistance is the cornerstone of the breeding program, to which are added resistances to other diseases and pests (powdery mildew, aphids, etc.).

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Subsidiary dedicated to the production and packaging of plums headed by Alexandre Grard. The orchards are managed in fruit wall and highly mechanized. Marketing is done through an exclusive partnership with Blue Whale.
The group also owns organics almond orchards (60 ha at term) grown in the same mechanized approach as plum trees..

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Managed by Thibault Vasseur, this subsidiary is dedicated to the production of Apple, Pear and Plum fruit plants. GRADILIS Nurseries is the leader in 1 year table-grafted plants. Constant innovation is at the heart of this subsidiary’s objectives. With Ypsilon® and innovative rootstocks, we give growers the tools to meet the challenges of Future Orchards®

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GRADILIS Horse Breeding SCEA

Subsidiary dedicated to the genetics of sport horses Selle Français, it is managed by Olivier Grard, passionate about horse genetics.

GRADILIS Horse Breeding is now known and appreciated in the world of sport horses.