Our mission

Already known for 20 years as fruit tree seedlings’ suppliers (apples, pears and plums), the chiefs of GRADILIS are innovation-driven; as a matter of fact, varieties creation is the beating heart of their development strategy.

In order to deal with the societal challenges (environment respect and healthy products) and the agricultural production stakes (economic profitability and orchards’ mechanization), GRADILIS aims at creating, for its customers, a wide range of apple varieties, genetically resistant (scab, powdery mildew and aphids in the near future), as well as fruit tree seedlings, one-year old, ready for any fruiting wall orchard management.

The YPSILON® concept consists in shaping fruit tree plants along two axes in just nine months; this is a great innovation, which is perfectly in line with the challenges of tomorrow’s orchards (fruiting wall concept).

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