Leader in bench grafting

The one-year bench grafting is a strategical choice, which allows us to save time between purchase order and fruit trees sale: grafting is scheduled in February, planting quickly in March, so as to collect the trees at the end of the year.

Vegetation conditions are ideal in our “Mas de Cannes” site (located in Mudaison, 2 kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea). They insure, within few months, very high quality of scions; homogeneous, well-branched, our scions always match rigorously with the highest standards of our international customers. The recruitment of Thibault Vasseur – technician specialist in ornamental nursery – allows our team to push the technical limits continuously, so as to improve further and further our quality standards.

Outside the nursery, the packaging house work is a key activity to achieve the right quality level and the homogeneity of the delivered product, mainly obtained via the plant grading machines designed by Alexandre Grard, our specialist in agricultural technology.

Today, the annual production reaches 1 million fruit plants, including 300,000 Gradisca (cov), 300,000 Story® and 30,000 Mandy®. These figures set GRADILIS Nursery as the number two in France and the European leader in one-year bench grafting.