GRADILIS Group owns the following subsidiaries: GRADILIS Nursery, GRADILIS Research, GRADILIS Production, GRADILIS Horse Breeding and commercial offices in Spain and Morocco.

Olivier Grard, CEO, and Alexandre Grard (his brother), deputy CEO directly in charge of GRADILIS Production, are the 50/50 shareholders of our company.

GRADILIS Research is directed by François Chevalier, whose mission is to build up a team of 6 people within two years and develop an ambitious project in varieties creation.

Bench grafting and fruit trees production, which are the main activities of GRADILIS Nursery, are under the responsibility of Thibault Vasseur.

GRADILIS Production is dedicated to plums’ production and packaging. The product is then sold exclusively by our partner: the cooperative Blue Whale.

GRADILIS Horse Breeding is dedicated to the genetic of French saddle horses (Olivier Grard’s passion). Our subsidiary is now a greatly appreciated reference in the universe of sport horses.

The Group owns also almond orchards (ultimately 60 ha) and olive trees, cultivated as our plum trees, with the same intensive and industrial know-how.

For 2018, the consolidated turnover of GRADILIS Group is forecasted to 6,5 million euros; 90% of it will come from the successful sales of the fruit tree seedlings. Our objective is to triple apace this result by our development in varieties creation (GRADILIS Research is forecasting to achieve a 5 million euros turnover within three years).